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We are pleased to welcome you to the official website of “Mostsvetok”

The “Mostsvetok” brand has existed on the market for many years and has established itself as a reliable supplier and seller of the freshest flowers wholesale and retail.

Every day, together with our clients, we receive tens of thousands of flowers from Ecuador, Israel, Kenya, Holland, France, Italy, South Africa, as well as flower products from different regions of Russia in spring and summer.

​Purchasing on the website www.moscvetok.ru is a guarantee of fast delivery of a variety of fresh flowers at affordable prices! We sell floral bouquets, cut flowers, indoor plants, decor and gifts.

We guarantee impeccable quality and the highest service; our experienced florists select the freshest flowers possible for all bouquets and arrangements.

It has become easier to please your family and friends, just order flowers on our website from anywhere, and we will deliver them as soon as possible, we offer payment by cards of international payment systems.

​If it is convenient for you to buy a bouquet near your home or office, we invite you to retail flower shops under the “Mostsvetok” brand, which are located within walking distance from the metro and are open seven days a week.

A huge selection of bouquets, fast delivery throughout Moscow and the Moscow region, guarantee of freshness and quality, bonus system, urgent delivery within one to two hours - the key advantages of the online store www.moscvetok.ru

Limited Liability Company "Moscow Flower Trading Company" (LLC "MOSCVETTORGKOM")

TIN 7726465087 Checkpoint 772601001

OGRN 1207700186980

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