The rules for participating in the new loyalty program are extremely simple: the greater your total purchase amount, the higher your level and, accordingly, the amount of cashback. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? 😉

The first level accumulates 5% of the purchase amount in your bonus account and allows you to use these bonuses to pay for 20% of your future purchases.

The second level increases your cashback percentage to 7%. This level is reached after the total amount of your purchases reaches 25,000 rubles. This level also allows you to use accumulated bonuses to pay for 20% of your purchases.

And finally, the third level. Holders of this level accumulate 10% of the purchase amount on a cone account and can spend these bonuses to pay for 20% of the order. But in order to reach the third level of cashback, your total purchase amount must be 50,000 rubles.

But that's not all! All your achievements and levels are saved, and you can enjoy your privileges not only in our online store and mobile application, but also in all retail stores in our network! 🌐

When you register in the loyalty system at the store's checkout, you receive 500 welcome bonuses and 50% cashback on your first purchase!
And when you register in the loyalty system through the mobile application, you receive 500 welcome bonuses. Please note that these gift bonuses must be spent within 10 days; after this period, the bonuses expire.

You can download our mobile application using this link.


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