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Eustoma also has a synonymous name: lisianthus. Lisianthus is translated from ancient Greek as “bitter flower.” The name “eustoma” is used more often in scientific and botanical fields and literally means “beautiful lips.”

In different countries you can find other names for eustoma: Texas bell, prairie gentian, Irish rose and the poetic - Lira de San Pedro. They all actually mean the same flower.

What do eustoma symbolize in the language of flowers? Eustoma has many meanings, but they are all associated with happiness and joy: devotion and fidelity, friendship and sympathy for the recipient, admiration and respect, harmony.

Eustoma is a prairie flower. Abroad, it means traditionalism and conservatism, the desire to follow the accepted order.

Eustoma can, in principle, be given as a gift for completely different reasons. You can present either a mono bouquet of eustoma or a complex beautiful bouquet of flowers, which will include eustoma. The choice is always yours - let us know your wishes in the comments of the order form.

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