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Buy hydrangea at the best price with delivery in Moscow and the region

Among the luxurious and exquisite flowers that are suitable for forming beautiful bouquets, it is worth highlighting hydrangea. Hydrangea was introduced to Europe in the 14th century and was rightfully considered a symbol of the elite.

The spherical delicate inflorescences look light and airy. Hydrangea was often presented as an original compliment, given as a gift for a wedding ceremony, and used as a decoration for holiday tables.

What do hydrangeas symbolize in the language of flowers? Hydrangea symbolizes modesty, sincerity, hope, courage and devotion. Many peoples believe that hydrangea has the ability to ward off illness and misfortune.

Hydrangea has a delicate and unobtrusive aroma. It is appropriate for a gift at any time of the year, combined with daisies, roses, peonies, and irises.

To ensure that a bouquet of hydrangeas does not lose its original appearance for a long time, you need to follow several rules:

Before placing the hydrangea in a vase, you need to lightly trim the stems and remove the lower leaves.
Next, cut the very tip a little, then immerse it in cold water for a few minutes.
Hydrangea can, in principle, be given as a gift for completely different reasons. You can present either a mono bouquet of hydrangea or a complex beautiful bouquet of flowers, which will include hydrangea. The choice is always yours - let us know your wishes in the comments of the order form.

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